The Paramaker

The Paramaker

Warning! This Game is in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT, this article may not be 100% accurate.

This is an article on the “Paramaker”, the creation/customization system for Parafolk.

What is the “Paramaker”?

The Paramaker (PAM) is the confirmed creation/customization system for Parafolk.

How was the name “Paramaker” confirmed?

On Alex Massés Patreon, the Patrons voted for different names on a poll and Paramaker (PAM) turned out to be the most popular choice, only about 75 votes away from Paralives Studio (PLS).

Any live action so far that shows Parafolk in the Paramaker?

There isn’t much information yet regarding Parafolk themselves and no live action showing them in the Paramaker or anywhere else at all. But it is presumed that it will be where you can edit and customize your Parafolks body features, facial features, clothing them with a variety of different styles of clothing and putting accessories on them, and then having them be unique by giving them a name, traits or a personality system of some sort, and many other things, but remember that we don’t know this information yet so it may be different than what we normally expect.

Any news on the Paramaker?

There is some news on the Paramaker so far, so first things up we can actually see the first “preview” of it in the newest video showing how accessories can be changed by the color wheel and the material (texture) selector, so if you want to, you can watch that video. It also shows some things like the first ever confirmed Accessory and also the first confirmed Fictional Brand which looks like a pear that is shown on each side of the Wireless Headphones that is in the video, and Alex made a joke about it saying that when you say Paralives it sounds like Pear-a-lives, and that pears are frequently talked about on the Paralives Discord.

There is also other confirmed features about the Paramaker, which we can show from the “All Features.” Wiki Article from Ashes.

The following quote is an excerpt from the Wiki Article “All Features.” from Ashes.

“Character creation:


I hope you enjoyed the article and can give you some more insights on how the Paramaker could be like, if you need more info on parafolk themselves in general, I would suggest looking at my other article, “Parafolk“.

Feel free to update the article if anything new about the Paramaker is shown.

Credits/Other Articles Used:

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