The Paramaker

The Paramaker

Warning! This Game is in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT, this article may not be 100% accurate.

This is an article on the “Paramaker”, the creation/customization system for Parafolk.

What is the “Paramaker”?

The Paramaker (PAM) is the confirmed creation/customization system for Parafolk.

How was the name “Paramaker” confirmed?

On Alex Massés Patreon, the Patrons voted for different names on a poll and Paramaker (PAM) turned out to be the most popular choice, only about 75 votes away from Paralives Studio (PLS).

Any live action so far that shows Parafolk in the Paramaker?

Yeah, there has been a bunch of things shown so far actually!

For example, in the “Paralives – Meet Maggie” Video, we could see how body sliders, hair color, skin color, and clothing sets work.

Another example is in the “Paralives – Meet Sebastian” video, which shows how makeup, eye and eyebrow color and selection, beard and mustache selection, color and length (meaning how thick the beard/mustache is), and also how body and face freckles along with body hair and how they work, with finally showing how tattoos work.

Has any other news been talked about the Paramaker?

There has been some! You may see topics about the Paramaker often in Dev Chats, which are for Patreons. However after a month they become free to read by the public, meaning you might be able to find some information!

For example this topic about clothing in the Paramaker from the July 24 2020 Dev Chat:

@Cyan ??
Regarding clothing, I was wondering if you considered creating a variety of clothing/hair/makeup inspired by different subcultures? It would be fun to see some gothic outfits for example

Lea: For now we are focusing on having a system that can be customisable so that we won’t have to create too much clothes or hair, but in the future we might want to add some cool clothes for this type of styles!”

It is best not to speculate, however the fact that the developers are working on a system for customizable clothing can be very exciting, and surely we cannot wait to find out what it could possibly be, which is a part of the fun!


Hopefully you enjoyed the article and can give you some more insights on how the Paramaker could be like, if you need more info on parafolk themselves in general, a great suggestion would be reading another article, which is called “Parafolk“.

Feel free to update the article if anything new about the Paramaker is shown.


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