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This is an Article on Sebastian, the second ever Para confirmed for the Game Paralives, and the first male Parafolk to be confirmed for the game.

Meet Sebastian

Sebastian is the second Parafolk to be confirmed in the game, and the first Male Parafolk to be confirmed in Paralives, he was revealed on 7/23/2020 in this video:

General Information

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Gender: Male
Age: Adult (Specifics are unknown)
Education: Taught by his grandmother, who was a fantastic cook
Hobbies/Careers: Cooking, Foraging
Relationship Status: Former Husband of Lucas, who has died in a tragic accident, now a single father
Ambitions: Dreams of Opening a Restaurant for his Grandmother

What kind of Personality does Sebastian have?

Sebastian is a Para who loves cooking food and foraging for rare ingredients and herbs as a hobby, a career, and a dream.


Sebastian was raised by his Grandmother who was an amazing cook, which would explain Sebastian’s Passion for cooking. As he was growing up however, he started to rebel and due to some bad events happening lost contact with his family, which in those events he met Lucas at a sketchy party, who is now his deceased husband.

When they fell in love they decided to leave everything in their previous times, and decided to travel around the world which is when Sebastian found yet again his passion for food, foraging for rare ingredients, herbs, and mushrooms while traveling.

After they went back to their homeland and calmed down, Sebastian and Lucas got married and decided to adopt a child and be happy together before Lucas died in a tragic accident.

Sebastian now wants to save his family and to protect his child’s future, and he also now wants to accomplish his grandma’s dream of owning a restaurant.


Sebastian was actually never revealed to Patrons early, however they still were able to see this post a week early and were able to vote on his name, along with his backstory on a Patreon post.

Sebastian is LGBTQ+, and is confirmed to be Homosexual.

Alice, a new 3D Animator was hired just 6 days before Sebastian’s Reveal.


We hope you enjoyed the Article on the second ever Parafolk to be confirmed in Paralives, and the first ever Male Parafolk to be confirmed in Paralives, when something new about Sebastian is revealed the article will be updated.

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Paralives – Meet Sebastian

Sebastian is preparing to move in and we recruited a 3D Animator!

Meet Sebastian!

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  1. I love the details in the description and how the developer team put a lot of tought into this kind of stuff! Almost seems like a real person, I’m in love with this game! <3

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