Pre-Made Parafolk

Pre-Made Parafolk

Warning! This Game is in EARLY DEVELOPMENT, this article may not be 100% accurate.

This is an Article on Pre-Made Parafolk.

What are Pre-Made Parafolk?

Pre-Made Parafolk are Parafolk made for the game’s worlds, think about it like the sims and their pre-made households, the reason why we hadn’t used the word “Household” or “Family” is because we don’t know what they would be called yet in Paralives.

The article will be updated accordingly when that information is shown.

These Parafolk are pre-made, meaning when you load in the game even on a new, clean save the game will have these pre-made parafolk on the worlds the game has to offer.

What Pre-made Parafolk are there?

At the time of making, there is only one confirmed, Maggie.

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General Information

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Education: Graduated at an unknown University or College
Hobbies/Careers: Astronomy, Music, Reading, Roller Skating
Relationship Status: Single
Pets: Has One Grey Cat named Youri, the cats breed may be identifiable from the picture in the “Paralives – Meet Maggie” video, which is revealed to just be a temporary picture drawn by Léa Sorribès

This Parafolk was revealed in the Paralives: Maggie’s Loft video.

You can learn more about her in the Article about her: Maggie


I hope you enjoyed this article, when more parafolk are shown the article will be updated to include them and will be updated if there is any other information regarding this article.

Thank you for reading!

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