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Paralives Wiki

What is the Paralives Wiki?

The Paralives Wiki is a viable source for information about the game, and it is what you are on right now. You can make your own article or you can edit others (as long as they are viable edits) and you can read other articles or your own articles if you have any as well.

If you have something you want to add to the article that isn’t already on a wiki article (If there is, you can add more to it by editing it, be cooperative!) then go ahead provided it is for Paralives, there are a few exceptions to this rule, although we are unsure as of now due to the fact as while this is off-topic to Paralives, perhaps it could also be used to give users the information about the Wiki.

Paralives Wiki Map Legend

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Hope you enjoyed the Article and learned something about the wiki from it, and thank you for reading.

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