Paralives Developers

Paralives Developers

Paralives Developers

Alex Massé – Founder and Lead Developer

Alex Massé is the founder of Paralives. The game started as a part-time project, which he now works on full time. To support Alex, his team and Paralives, consider using the Patreon.

Alex Massés Twitter.

Léa Sorribès – 3D-Artist

Léa Sorribès is a Student 3D artist working Full-Time on Paralives. She has made such things as the tombstone in the cemetery, and a majority of the items in the kitchen video.

She has been working on Paralives since November 2019.

Her examples of 3D art she has created is available on her ArtStation page.

Léa’s Twitter.

Roxane Morin – Former 3D-Artist

Roxane Morin was a former 3D artist working Full-time on Paralives, her concept art for housing can be found here.

She was hired through the dates of 12/10/2019 – 5/27/2020.

Roxane’s art can be found on her ArtStation page.

Roxane’s Twitter.

Christine Gariépy – Intern in Marketing and Communications

Christine Gariépy is currently a marketing and communications part-time intern for the summer, due to the patreon getting $7k in funds.

Christine Gariépy takes photos of the discord, the hub and other social media and gives a summary of it to the developers, so remember that the next time you talk about Paralives on social media!

She was hired on 5/7/2020.

The Patreon Article that tells you more about Christine: There’s someone new on the team!

Anna Thibert – Programmer

Anna Thibert is currently a Programmer, who is also good friends with Alex Massé, being close to the project for a long time and both of them doing Game Jams together.

Due to their friendship and love for the project, Her studies in Musicology, Computer Science, and Bioinformatics, and the fact that the Patreon has surpassed their goal of $26k, she was quickly recruited to the team.

She was hired on 6/12/2020.

You can read more about Anna Thibert here: New Team Member: Please Welcome Anna!

Anna’s Twitter.

Alice Joubin – 3D Animator

Alice Joubin is currently a 3D Animator, who is a huge fan of simulation games (such as Stardew Valley, Planet Zoo, and not surprisingly, The Sims as popular examples,) and was able to be hired due to the Paralives Patreon hitting $12,000 monthly.

She also has wanted to be a 3D Animator since she has seen first Toy Story movie, which is the reason why she wanted to be a 3D Animator in the first place and went to Art School.

Ever since then, Alice has said she has loved every single day of working as a 3D Animator, and that Paralives is currently her next passion.

She was hired on 7/17/2020.

You can read more about Alice ??? here: Sebastian is preparing to move in and we recruited a new 3D Animator!

Alice’s Twitter is not available yet.

Jérémie Tessier – Programmer

Jérémie Tessier is currently a Programmer, who has been a fan of simulation games since the SNES era who has played games like SimCity, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and the Sims 1-4.

Jérémie has known Alex for over 4 years, participating on a new game jams with him and even working with him in a previous workplace, and has in computer science and video game design for the past 13 years along with having other hobbies such as cooking, writing, and photography.

Jérémie hopes that he can help with the games storytelling and with character progression, along with programming Paralives AI and Parafolk‘s daily events and interactions, and that he can share his enthusiasm with you as well.

He was hired on 7/31/2020.

You can read more about Jérémie here: Please Welcome Jérémie, a new programmer on the Paralives team!

Jérémie’s Twitter is not available yet.


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