Maggie Vaughan

Maggie Vaughan

Warning! This Game is in EARLY DEVELOPMENT, this article may not be 100% accurate.

This is an Article on Maggie, the first ever Para confirmed for the game Paralives.

Meet Maggie

Margaret Vaughan or more known as simply “Maggie” (being her Nickname) is the first ever confirmed Para for the game Paralives, she was confirmed on 4/8/2020 in this video:

General Information

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Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult (Specifics are unknown)
Education: Graduated at an unknown University or College
Hobbies/Careers: Astronomy, Music, Reading, Roller Skating
Relationship Status: Single
Pets: Has One Grey Cat named Youri, the cats breed may be identifiable from the picture in the “Paralives – Meet Maggie” video, which is revealed to just be a temporary picture drawn by Léa Sorribès

What kind of Personality does Maggie have?

In the video, Maggie is a Para who loves astronomy and music, along with reading and rollerskating, presumably as hobbies.

She graduated a few years ago at an unknown college or university, and moved in with her cat at the stunning loft you can see in the video, and Maggie also has a huge custom bookcase for the sheer amount of books she has (as described in the description), that you can also see in the video.

What does Maggie look like?

The first look at Maggie was revealed on 5/19/2020, 12:00 EDT in the following video premier:


Maggie’s Cat’s Name, Youri, was inspired by the person named Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human to reach outer-space.

Maggie was first revealed on May 19th to Patrons before going to the full public a day later.

Maggie’s Name is actually the result of a poll done on Apr 3rd on the Patreon, Maggie won by 47% compared to it’s runner-up, Sasha at 34%

Maggie’s canonical name is Margaret Vaughan, confirmed both in this youtube video and also on this patreon post.

Margaret is a first name with French, Latin and Greek origins, and the original word’s meaning was ‘Pearl’.

Vaughan, Maggie’s surname, is from Welsh origins.


We hope you enjoyed the article of the first ever confirmed Para in Paralives, when something is new about Maggie the article will be updated.

Thanks for reading!


Paralives – Maggie’s Loft

Paralives – Meet Maggie!

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