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This is an Article on Paralives Lots system.

What are Lots?

Lots are essentially plots of land, both pre-made and custom, you use these to make your houses, businesses, and other types of lot.
You can either use a pre-made one, or you can make your own lot using the Custom Lots system.
Lots are confirmed to have addresses.

How do you make a Lot?

Not all information has been shown yet, but based on what we have seen, it seemed to be a drag n’ drop system that you use to make the size of your lot.
It appears that you will use this mechanic on the sides of streets, and it goes from street to street, so that means everywhere that is by a street will be able to have a lot.
We are not sure if you can make one off-road somehow yet.

If two lots are together, as in there is no space between them, you can use the line in the middle and move it to change the size of both lots.
The size depends on which way you are pulling it, you can also pull other lines that make up lots to change them.

It has also been confirmed that you can change the size of a lot at any time, meaning you wont have to get out of the game or anything like that to expand or shrink it.

Demonstration Video:

How much will Lots cost?

It is not exactly confirmed yet, however Alex has said on his Patreon that it will be at base $142 per m^2 for every street.
However he seems interested in the idea of having more expensive areas so this may vary.

Anything new or interesting about Lots?

Lots are confirmed to have an Address automatically, this could potentially be a very great feature, however nothing else has been confirmed about it yet, besides having those signs that have the address numbers on them.

You can also join lots together meaning they are still two separate lots, however you can put them together.
You can also use Build Mode to make special kinds of houses and other types of buildings on lots due to this, such as Terraces.

Lots don’t have to be squares or rectangles neither, they can be diagonal and different as well.

How are Lots measured?

Lots are normally measured using Meters.
However you can change this entirely to Feet, bananas and even Texas.
We don’t know if you can make your own custom measurements or anything like that, but we will just have to wait and find out ourselves.


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