How to properly format a wiki article and basic html commands

How to properly format a wiki article and basic html commands

Warning! Paralives is in **VERY EARLY** Development, this means the article may not be 100% accurate.

This is an article about formatting, html commands, and how to properly format a wiki article.


So to format a wiki article, it should be like this:






Text Mode – Scroll down for Visual Mode Tutorial

How do you make proper headings?

This is a bit important but you don’t exactly need to know how to do it, as even if you didn’t someone else could but it is better to ensure that the article is properly formatted.

You can make a title heading by doing “shift + ,” which makes a left arrow, and then put your title inbetween and then do that again but with an / infront of the h2.

You should have a result like this.

For subtitles you use h4, its the same thing but smaller.

All Headings (H1)





As you can tell, H1 is the biggest and H5 is the smaller, however the current normal format is H2 for titles, H4 for subtitles and the others you can find other uses for.

What do the commands on the top of the text box do?

By that I mean the screen where you type everything in.

The current ones that work are:

[b]BOLD, use it to emphasize something[/b]

[i]Italic, use it to emphasize something or to hint that something isn’t confirmed or to add a sarcastic hint.[/i]

Link, use it to add links to text, you can do it to either one word or multiple, this is good for showing proof to something in an article like for example a feature being confirmed, or to an image that shows context. Don’t actually click on the link, I am just going to have the link as to show what a hyperlink (text that leads to a link) looks like.

Block quote or b-quote for short, use this for disclaimers, warnings, or other important things you need to tell to others in a wiki article.

Delete, use this when you want to replace a piece of text with another, like if something was proven wrong you can replace it, and show the former text, this also helps for editors because if you make a mistake then they can replace the new text with the old text easier, this is also good to show the date when something has been deleted to give more clarification.

Ins currently does nothing, I tried using it and it doesn’t work.

You use IMG to show images, make sure it’s with .jpg or .png, if you are for example using IMGUR, then you can just use the link or just post the link itself to show the image off without users having to click on it, but if its a normal image link then you can use IMG to do so, you can also set a description for the image, I would recommend doing so but you do not have too.

    UL is an unordered list, I would not use this, use the other kinds of lists instead.
    OL is an ordered list, you can use it to make proper lists.
    1. 1. Example
    1. 2. Example

Just press shift + space
if you want to easily move a line in a sentence, or just press enter once, this is good for lists.

LI is a list term, use this to list terms.

  • Example 1
  • Example 2

You can also call it a “bulleted list” but just call it a list term.

`Code doesn’t do anything, either that or I don’t know how to use it, but its not needed for wiki articles anyway, so no need thankfully.`

more command finally works, it basically shows a line with more! in the middle, not needed but it may be good in some niche situations, tell me if you know how it actually works.

I don’t know how to use ‘Close Tags’ but if anyone does know how to use it, please tell me how in a message or wiki comment and I will edit it like so.

Visual Mode

Good thing Visual Mode works now for everyone, let me guide you through the entire thing.

You can use Visual Mode and fun fact, it’s way easier than text mode, however for certain commands (usually the ones that are not as needed) then you will have to switch over to text mode.


You use these to format the wiki post, you use Heading 2 for titles and Heading 4 for subtitles which you have seen in the top of this article, however let me redirect you to all of them:


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

This is good to know, so then you can properly format wiki articles, remember that Titles should be Heading 2 and Subtitles (titles in a title, or categories) are Heading 4, you can find uses for other headings as well.


Indexing is a good thing to know, for example if you wanted the titles or some text to be in the center, like an introduction or a disclaimer, then you can, you can also have the entire thing indexed to the center which makes it more nice looking.

You can also make it go to the left or right, or tab indent it, these aren’t as needed however they are still helpful.


So you activate your toolbar by either clicking on the Toolbar Toggle, or you can just hit Shift+Alt+Z, this is good to know because with the toolbox you can:


Make Horizontal lines, good for formatting and separating subtitles and titles and conclusions.

Changing Text Color, good for disclaimers, warnings, or other reasons.

Paste as text, it allows you to paste anything you have copied into plain text, so for example if you use word then if its rich content you would have to turn this option off, however if you are copying something from another website for example that has a different font or color then it would just be plain text, pretty helpful.

Clear Formatting, it allows you to clear formatting, helpful for clearing up stuff.

>_>→ Special Symbøls, allows you to place Special Symbøls, very helpful for numerøus reasøns.←<_<

 Increasing or Decreasing Indent, helpful for some reasons.    —

Undo and Redo Commands, super helpful if you make a mistake.     —

                                                                List of Keyboard Shortcuts, very good to memorize.                      —   hah I made text stairs

Making sure everything in your Wiki Article is correct

Your Wiki Article needs to be 100% true and confirmed, and with proof (unless its common sense, but even then add proof)

Let’s say you wanted to make an article on… Parafolk.

But clearly at the time of this being written, Parafolk have not been shown yet.

Seemingly pointless to make the wiki article, right?

False. While yes, there won’t be much information, you have the opportunity to make an important wiki article that loads of people would read, also there can only be one article of a subject, so if you make it, nobody else really can.

There are some things you can include, such as how the name was confirmed, the current prototype of DAP (Design-A-Para), potential art-style inspirations confirmed by Alex himself (such as Zelda: Breath of The Wild) and some extra things that have been confirmed.

It is important to show proof, or people won’t believe you or your article might even get removed.

Ways you can show proof are using links, or having all your proof at the bottom using links, you can also use images to show all the proof and videos.

If you aren’t sure if something is confirmed or not, be sure to check. There’s a wiki article that shows all current confirmed features, in-fact that could be the parent of most articles, since it shows and confirms what they are about.

Make sure your Article is Original

It is good to check, you don’t want it to get removed because someone else already has done it before.

Properly Tag your Article

You want to properly tag it, it will help people find it when they are looking for what they need, you can tag it as a more general thing if it is a more general subject, however the more specific it is the more specific the tags will have to be, however it’s mainly just that the tags have to be on topic, so don’t tag things incorrectly on purpose.


So there you have it, that is how you do it.

Feel free to edit it if you would like as I am personally not the best person at explaining at these kinds of things and I would like to see this article become more clear and read-able, thank you! 🙂

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