Warning! This game is in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT, this article may not be 100% accurate.

This an article on all hair in the Paramaker (PAM.)

What is Hair?

It might be obvious, but it’s that stuff humans grow naturally out of the top of their heads. Hair can be styled in all sorts of ways. This will be done in the Paramaker (PAM) for Parafolk.

In this article, hair will be categorized by gender and length. (Gender neutral hair-styles will be in their own section.) However, these categories are not confirmed; they are only used for organization.

How can you customize Hair?

The create-a-style tool can be used to change the color of the hair in four different areas. A demonstration of this is shown here:

List of Hair in-game:

Masculine Hairstyles – Short


Masculine Hairstyles – Medium


Masculine Hairstyles – Long


Feminine Hairstyles – Short


Feminine Hairstyles – Medium

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Feminine Hairstyles – Long


Gender-Neutral Hairstyles – Short


Gender-Neutral Hairstyles – Medium


Gender-Neutral Hairstyles – Long

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