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This is an Article on Paralives Food.

What is the Food on Paralives?

The food on Paralives is assumed to be what parafolk eat, whether to live or on a whim.

Currently at the time of making this wiki article, there are number foods available that we knew of before the 2020 New Years Post

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  • Turkey, the more known one. You can see it in this tweet or in this Paralives demonstration video.
  • Poutine, there is no visual version but it was confirmed by Alex, and it is the first ever meal to be added to Paralives.
  • Ice Cream, this has been confirmed by Alex subtly in the same image. There are no visuals yet.

    The 2020 New Years Post

The 2020 News Year Post either on his Patreon or on the Discord were very important, as it shows a-lot of new food confirmed, this is the image below.

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Roxane, a former full-time developer and 3D Artist on Paralives has told us the entire list of food in the image on the paralives discord, here it is below.

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You can see all of them in the 2020 New Years image, so why not take a look?


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