Warning! This Game is in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT, this article may not be 100% accurate.

This is an article on all Accessories in The Paramaker (PAM).

What are Accessories?

Accessories are the extra items Parafolk can wear, accessories usually consist of items that aren’t clothes and are the extra parts of an outfit that make it shine, for example a fedora in a snazzy suit could make it look more fancy and give more charm to it.

In this Article it will be listed by where they would go on the Parafolk for now, as we don’t know how it would exactly work on that end.

Most of these Accessory “Categories” currently are just placeholders, and could most likely change.

Accessories – Head

Wireless Headphones

Paralives Wireless Headphones

Fun Fact:

Other Fun Facts:

  • It shows the first confirmed fictional brand, which has a Pear Logo.
  • the URL of the Youtube Video this was shown in ends with the word Bose, which is a headphone brand coincidentally.

Accessories – Face

[not enough info]

Accessories – Neck

[not enough info]

Accessories – Arms

[not enough info]

Accessories – Hands

[not enough info]

Accessories – Feet

[not enough info]

Accessories – Fingers

[not enough info]


[not enough info]


I hope you enjoyed this Wiki Article, despite it being quite in heavy work in progress, and is mostly a template for when PAM (The Paramaker) shows more of these items, and a corresponding Clothing article will be made when the Paramaker (PAM) is shown off or clothes are confirmed and shown in any other way.

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