Paralives unity delays avoided but profits could suffer

Paralives Stays with Unity, Prioritizing Faster Release Over Potential Revenue Impact

Unity, the popular game engine powering Paralives, recently announced plans to introduce controversial new fees which will charge developers each time a game using the engine is downloaded. This could potentially result in significantly increased expenses and have a negative impact on profits for Paralives Studio. A Developer has recently spoken out about the move, which is considered by many as “an attack on Indie game development”

We are keeping an eye on Unity’s statements and updates as the situation evolves. Like many game developers, we are disappointed by this announcement and hope that Unity will reconsider their decision and offer us more clarity. While we aren’t in support of the current changes in Unity’s fee policy, we’ve decided to continue to work on their engine. At this stage of development, changing engines would mean delaying Paralives’ release by at least a year, maybe two. We are frustrated by these upcoming policy changes but are staying focused on our work to release Paralives to the community as soon as we can 🙂

Gabrielle – Paralives Patreon Comments

How Might Continued Unity Development Affect Paralives?

As of January 2024, Unity’s new model will essentially switch to a “pay-per-download” pricing scheme, meaning if Paralives exceeds 1,000,000 total downloads and $1,000,000 in revenue (within 12 months), they would incur fees of up to $0.20 per installation. The criteria begins at 200,000 downloads and $200,000 in proceeds, so it’s unlikely Paralives will avoid these fees.

At this stage, Paralives has made the decision to accept Unity’s new pricing policy and will continue their work on Unity in order to avoid heavy delays.

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