• The Colour wheel has been previewed for the first time, which includes surface textures and can also be used to change the colour of lights.
  • Design and customise your own kitchens, from cupboard knobs to kitchen worktops.
  • Colour and design combinations can be saved into pre-sets.
  • Patrons vote to add functional window seats to the game.
  • Sky lights can be placed in the ceiling, as well as differences of ceiling heights. (experimental feature)
  • Possible Thanksgiving holiday theme hinted, with roast turkey and table décor.

More than a colour wheel.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Alex Masse blessed us with some extra-juicy new Paralives turkey content. Feast your eyes on the new video below.

The first new feature we’re thankful to see is the colour wheel! It has been known for a while that players were promised the ability to select any colour for most furniture pieces and Paralives has delivered yet again. Players will be empowered with a set of tools that any interior designer would feel at home with, and we even spotted the return of hex codes, which is a feature that will allow you to copy and paste colour codes into the game.

In addition, we now know for certain that there will be multiple textures to choose for certain objects. For example, in the video we can see that textures may be applied to the kitchen countertops, such as wood, stone, marble and more.

Speaking of textures, it is also confirmed that creators will be able to add custom textures to the game and share them with others through the Steam Workshop.

Update: Here is the description of the colour swatch feature from the official Paralives Steam page:

Paralives has pre-made swatches for objects so you can easily find great matching furniture. But if you want to go in-depth, you can create your own style for any object in the game. Selecting the exact color and choosing your favorite texture or pattern is possible for any object and you can save your selection as a new custom swatch. Also, using the split-level tools, you will be able to easily create nice looking window seats and decorate them with comfy pillows yourself!

Design kitchen fixtures without restrictions. Re-use them later.

Have you ever chosen a kitchen in real life? Rather than choosing from predesigned hardware, you can usually choose your own combination of countertop, cupboards, materials and doorknobs. This is exactly how building kitchens is going to work in Paralives, and when you throw in the colour wheel, there will be seemingly endless possibilities!

What if you’ve spent hours designing the perfect combination of swatches and want to use them again later? We can now confirm that Paralives will also give players the ability to save style pre-sets.

Design your own bay windows/window seats.

Did you notice the window? Alex has given Patreon supporters another community vote to add window seats to the game. They are completely functional and will take advantage of the split-level system. The window seat in the video was built from scratch; the pillows and windows were placed manually, and Parafolks will be able to sit on them!

All the little details.

There is quite a lot to digest in the latest video, so we have put together a few screenshots that highlight some of the smaller details. Enjoy!

The colour wheels applies to lighting!

Multiple ceiling heights is currently an experimental feature. A sky light is seen above.

You can see more in-game screenshots in our gallery. Want to join the Paralives community? Create an account, customise your profile, submit ideas in our forums, chat with fans, earn points and special badges; become a Hubkin today!

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