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SPECULATION: Paralives Might Feature Unrequited Love & One Sided Relationships

A game mechanic that has been missing from life simulation games is one of unequal relationships. Sometimes you just don’t feel the same about other people. Friendship bars are not always the same in real life. This is a quote pulled directly from a post about Unrequited Love on our forums, by AubyWasabi. This particular post is actually the ‘most liked’ forum discussion of all time on this website, and for good reason: One sided relationships is a feature that many hope to see come to light in Paralives.

I remember in The Sims I would often need to ‘force’ one sided relationships to happen, but they never seemed to evolve naturally without intervention. So naturally I was hyped to discover that the Paralives developers are hoping to make one sided relationships work in the game.

Oh, The Drama: It’s not confirmed, but the devs want to include one sided relationships in Paralives

There is very little public information available about how relationships will work in Paralives, but I have a suspicion something might be brewing back stage in Paralives Studio. It is no secret that the devs have been working on Live Mode for a while now.

Once a week, the lovely Paralives devs host a private Discord chat for Patrons. During these sessions, supporters have the opportunity to ask anything they want about the game’s development and potentially extract some sweet, juicy information.

In a recent dev chat, Anna answered a question related to one sided relationships. Let’s take a look:


Will relationships develop one sided, or be synchronized? For example, could one para be at a “best friend” level, but another be at “disliked” level? or like a one sided crush?


We’re hoping to be able to do one sided relationship, but it’s not confirmed yet! I really hope we can create some drama with that feature hehe

Official Paralives Discord

I know, I know, it’s not actually confirmed yet, but isn’t it great that the devs are excited for this feature? Are they hinting at something? I need drama!

Historically, there have been many now confirmed features that the developers were hoping to include, such as height sliders, so my fingers are firmly crossed.

Imagining One Sided Relationship Scenarios

Have you registered as a member of our awesome forum yet? No? Why not? There have been so many suggestions posted by our beloved Hubkins over the years. As mentioned previously, Unrequited Love has been a hot discussion here.

Some highlights:

  • The annoying friend who’s kind of obsessed with you but you’re just not that into them. Awkward
  • The person who falls in love way too quickly. Oops
  • The person who has a hard time opening up to anyone
  • Gold diggers who make the Para fall in love but don’t feel anything themselves.
  • A married couple where one Para has fallen out of love

These are just some of the suggestions taken from our forum about one sided relationships. What do you think? Do you hope to see one sided relationships in Paralives? How would you like this to be implemented? Join this discussion.

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