Sebastian’s Summer: First Video Showcasing Gameplay in Paralives

Finally a new video of Paralives and this time, for the first time, we get to see 30 seconds of gameplay. Even this little teaser revealed so many cool things about the game and got us all excited!

Here is the video for those who haven’t watched it yet or want to watch it again!

Ziplines and Tanlines

Sebastian using the zipline and showing off his nice sunburn

At the start of the video we see Sebastian using a zipline in a lush environment where the trees are moving in a summer breeze. It was confirmed that ziplines can be freely placed between 2 different surfaces. Then Sebastian appears on the roof of a house and he looks like he got a lot of sun this summer! We can see the mark his shirt left and his legs definitely looks lighter than his arms. Protection from the sun is important, so he has some sunscreen on his face as well.

Jump into a pool from the roof

When we think, “What is Sebastian doing up in the roof?” he goes ahead and jumps into the pool below! Yes, this means we will be able to jump into pools from our roof, if our Para is brave enough. There is a ladder for the Paras who don’t prefer to jump. For those who love seeing little details, there are also two pool noodles at the corner.

Take off your shoes!

Sebastian taking off his shoes

Sebastian enters his house after his fun zipline ride and he takes his shoes off! We will soon be able to set a house rule to make Paras take off their shoes upon entering the house. We hope to see more house rules like this to choose from.

Secret Door

One suspicious looking Sebastian

And for the mystery in our little teaser, in the last part of the video we see Sebastian opening a very secret bookcase door. We see how the animation between the object and the Para plays out which is pretty awesome but what is Sebastian hiding behind that door?

What do you think about the new video?

Why do you think Sebastian has a secret door? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, join our forums to discuss and speculate about Paralives with other fans!

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  1. I really love the idea of “house rules” like removing shoes when entering the home. I hope we’ll see more of these.

  2. Thank you for taking this on for all of us who are sick of Sims. Cant wait until this comes out! Looks amazing and I cant wait for it to come out and for you all to blow sims out of the water.