Paralives Wins “Most Anticipated Canadian Game Award”

Paralives has received its first ever award today as it takes the title of Most Anticipated Canadian Game of 2020. It comes after the Canadian Game Devs organisation announced that Paralives was nominated for the award 4 days ago. Since then, the community were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite nominees across various categories.

With a passionate fanbase and very supportive Patreon community, this life sim has an eager and wholesome group of players who can’t wait to build their dream house!

CanadianGameAwards – Twitter

The official Paralives Twitter account responded: “Is this real life? Or are we part of a very elaborate life simulation game ourselves? We won the Most Anticipated Canadian Game award from @CanadaGameDevs! THANK YOU to everyone who voted. Your support means more to us than words can express

Official Paralives – Twitter

Paralives is an upcoming simulation game set to impact the life simulation genre. The game is planned to release on Steam. No release date is currently known.

The Paralives Hub is the home of the unofficial Paralives Forums.

Click here to take a look around the forums.

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  1. Congratulation to the team, they really deserved it for all the hard work they put into the Game and how they involve us Patrons in so many things is really amazing. Can’t wait to play this game in a few years!