Paralives release date and price: Everything we know so far

An exciting new entry in the life simulation genre

In September 2018, indie game developer and artist Alex Massé began creating their dream life simulation game, Paralives, and 10 months later the game was announced in a Twitter post and the community went wild.

Due to the positive response from the community, Massé decided to begin working full time on the game, and promises to bring exciting new features to the life simulation genre, such as custom lot sizing and flexible furniture customisation.

No price or release date has been announced for the game yet, but we can confirm that the game will be available for Windows and Mac via Steam, and will support user-generated content on the Steam Workshop.

An ambitious life simulator

Paralives is set to include many classic features in the base game, such as:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Cars
  • Weather
  • Small Boats
  • Custom house boats
  • Diagonal staircases
  • Curved pools

Flexible building tools

Although the game is still in early development, we’ve already seen some interesting details. The video below demonstrates how flexible building will be. Players will be able to click and drag a room into existence, free from the restrictions of a grid.

An early preview of the Paralives building mode

However, if would prefer more control over building and lining up objects, then you will be pleased to know that it will be possible to enable and customise a grid in the settings menu.

In addition, there will also be an in-game measuring tape tool that will allow players to replicate their own home or any other real world building.

So far, it appears that every object in the game offers customisation options. For example, you can stretch windows and curtains to any size, change different parts of an object such as the curtain rod, and even add accessories to furniture, such as tablecloths.

It’s no surprise that a colour wheel and pattern selector will also be included, allowing for even more customisation when decorating your Para’s homes.

Early Paralives footage

Simulation Mode

Paralives will offer fully open world gameplay. That means you’re free to explore the world and won’t be interrupted by loading screens. So, when your Parafolk leave their homes, you will be able to watch them take a walk, drive out or even horseback ride to their next destination. Maybe something unexpected will happen along the way?

The design of in-game characters, known as Parafolk, can be seen in this announcement post. Little information has been revealed about simulation mode at this time, but according to the August AMA and an interview with the developer, we should expect that the game will feel alive, and the town will be filled with cute simulated people living their best parallel lives.

We’re so excited for Paralives, are you? Let us know in the comments below, or consider joining The Paralives Hub Fan Forums!

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  1. I am eagerly waiting for this game to come out! I just wish we knew a little more about it and what’s going on with it!

  2. Can’t wait till this game is released as I love building and designing houses.
    I also want to see how different it is to the sims and the playable differences.

  3. I can’t tell how excited I am! It’s because the game looks so amazing and pretty. AND THE BEST THING IS: My pc can really run it ?

  4. This game we has it been my whole life?? I just found out about it from twitter and I thought it was out and now I’m almost in tears because it’s not. Now I’ll never look at the sims the same and I’ll judt be thinking of this game!

    1. From what I’ve read, should be sometime this year… hope this helps!

    2. There could be a chance though that they don’t release this year and instead just show the parafolk and gameplay

    1. We’re not too sure. No gameplay information regarding toddlers has been announced yet. 🙂

  5. Will there be teen pregnancy’s in the game or would you need a separate mod for that?

    1. Not too sure if teen pregnancies would pass the T for Teen rating, as PEGI are quite strict about that. If it does make it to the game, we will announce it! There could be modding support for this eventually, too.

  6. How much will the game cost when it comes out? Hopefully not as much as Sims did at first ($40). Also, will it have packs and extra stuff you need to buy? One last thing, will people be able to make/ download CC?

    1. A price has not yet been announced. As soon as we know, we’ll update you guys! The game will have many free updates. No DLC plans have been announced yet, but could come much later. Regarding user-generated content, the game will support Steam Workshop, so yes, there will be CC and mods! I will add this information to the article. 🙂