New video demonstrates object customisation.

After a short hiatus, Paralives’ creator Alex Masse set Twitter on fire today with a short 3 second video showing a tablecloth drop from the sky and gracefully land on top of a dining table.

Within just a few hours, the video was viewed over 60,000 times. Many fans took note of a significant improvement in the quality of the graphics, demonstrated by the dynamic lighting, shadows, and the tablecloth’s physics.

Let’s take a closer look at the details!

Notice the reflection on the floor?

3D wall trims and door bezels. No flat textures to be found!

Modular object customisation; a builder's dream?

As previously discussed, objects in Paralives will be highly customisable, which is demonstrated in the new video. Instead of choosing between multiple predefined tables, it appears we’ll be able to attach additional accessories to any dining table, such as a tablecloth.

Does this mean we will also be able to further accessorise a table in the same way, with centrepieces, table runners & place mats?

At this point, we can only speculate, but if you’re reading this, Alex, we would like to see this! Imagine having the freedom of the colour wheel at your fingertips with these decorating tools?

Update: It appears the developer has recently answered a question related to object accessories. We may soon see the ability to choose bedding styles for beds, too, which further confirms that objects will be modular in design.

LeeAnne: Guys. I have my fingers crossed so tight that this new table cloth mechanic will bleed over into beds, and we can chose our own bed clothes for any frame :weary:

Alex Masse: Yes! I’d like to add that feature for bed clothes :smiley:

Paralives Discord

Build in real-time. Or while paused.

We can also reveal that the creators are aiming to allow players to build in real time, while still giving the option to pause time.

That’s what I aim for at the moment, building in real time :smiley: Can’t 100% confirm it yet at the moment though.

Ahah, of course, you can still pause time while building :smiley:

Alex Masse, Paralives Discord

This could be useful for those who wish to make quick changes to the world without interrupting gameplay.

Twitter responds to the tablecloth.

As expected, hundreds of fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new footage. Let’s take a look at some of their responses:

Bonus: Hi-res screenshot.

And with that, we shall leave you with a large screenshot to analyse. Credit: Paralives 

Considering the level of polish we have seen in such a simple and short video, is Paralives shaping up to be a major success? We invite you to share your thoughts on the forums or in the comments below!



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