Paralives to Include Meaningful Chance Cards?

Paralives is still in development, so the features mentioned in this article have not yet been confirmed, but are being discussed or considered by the creators. Therefore this content should be considered speculative.

What are chance cards?

In many simulation games, the player may be presented with a ‘random text event’ dialogue, sometimes referred to as a chance card. These chance cards usually give the player a scenario that is currently happening to your character off-screen, with various actions you can choose that determines the outcome.

A rough example of this might be, “Peter’s neighbours’ toilet has broken! She needs your help!”. Then you will choose to either fix it for a reward or ignore it. The trouble is you don’t usually see anything happen; it is usually left to your imagination.

Sometimes the event might not even make sense between both characters’ lifestyles or personality. That can sometime break the player’s immersion, which is kind of lame in a simulation game.

Meaningful events

Over at Paralives’ official Patreon, the creator has started a poll and discussion about random text events, and is taking feedback positively. Many are suggesting that chance cards shouldn’t feel random or irrelevant to the situation. They should be meaningful.

Additionally, fans want to witness the events. Imagine if, for example, your neighbour’s toilet actually did break! It is common knowledge in town that your character just so happens to be handy. Wouldn’t it be cool if the troubled neighbour, who is hopeless, calls for your help?

You could perhaps choose to “refuse” this request, and your penalty would be a loss of relationship or reputation. Or you could choose to help your neighbour, then watch your character travel to their house and repair the toilet. Maybe stay for coffee? Looks like they gained a new friend, and hey, you got some cash too! Awesome.

What about devious characters? Perhaps their personality type could unlock a new choice for this chance card. “Sabotage their toilet”. This could trigger a very negative response from your neighbour, but maybe your character revels in this? It would add so much depth!

Watching such events happen in the game world, impacting the lives of little virtual people, and the situations making sense between both characters; these are all elements of what an immersive life simulation could be.

These ideas are being discussed with the creator on Patreon right now. Want to contribute? Become a Patron from just $1 and help craft your perfect game!

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  1. I am excited for this game, it look so good. I can’t wait. I am way over the hill and have played the sims for over 15 yrs
    but I do believe that the Paralives will top them. I do not play the sims 4
    I want to add something
    I never send my kids to school and I sure hope that I can delete the schools. or a way not to have to send them, that is one thing I do not like in the sims 4, And one reason I do not play with sims 4, and that the teens look like young adults collage age, I have to send them to school, or watch the clock and delete the action, and that is sometimes hard as I am involved with other sims. so I really hope that I can delete the schools and not have to worry about sending them. You see I don’t like to send them because they are in school all day and then come home and have to do homework and I don’t get much time to play with the kids. I know this is strange, but I sure hope I won’t have to send them If I don’t want to, when I am playing with the Paralive kids. God Bless and have fun making this wonderful game. Coming soon I hope.

  2. This sounds like the best simulation game I’ve ever seen! I know since it’s in early development that it won’t come out this year, or maybe not even next year, but if the hype is real, it will be well worth the wait.

  3. I seriously can’t wait, I’m over here fangirling. Lol, but this is really interesting, just might blog about it so people can be drawed into this beautiful upcoming game…..Ahhh gonna read more about this. Literally happy right now.
    I just want to say thank you for putting in a lot of work and I’m positive a lot of people are as impatient as me but what can I say this has really gotten my attention!!!….*squeals* so excited!!

  4. I seriously can’t wait for this game! This will honestly blow all other simulation games out of the water! Hats off to Alex for creating something the fans actually want! ?