Paralives Celebrates Halloween.

  • A new screenshot reveals the first ever Paralives nighttime shot.
  • Halloween holiday decorations confirmed.
  • Objects seen placed on stairs
  • Dynamic weather, falling leaves, and Autumn shown for the first time.

As the darker October evenings close in, as the leaves change and winds howl; Halloween lurks around the corner. And much to our delight, Paralives is celebrating.

In a spooky yet cozy new teaser video, we see for the very first time a nighttime shot of the world of Paralives.

Who knew a short clip even without characters would hold so much life? The wind blows and the hanging Halloween ornaments swing, the leaves wizz past and even the grass shivers in the breeze. Halloween decor, weather and seasons are teased for the first time, and we can confirm the effects you see are a little more than just aesthetics.

Dynamic weather, realistic wind, and seasons.

We have combed through the internet to bring you all the details, and a common question from fans is if the falling leaves are just a decorative effect or if they actually fall from the trees?

I have to ask though, do the leaves come as part of the background or genuinely from trees?” – Midnight ADR

“They come from trees but you can’t rake them right now though.” – Alex Masse, Paralives Discord

In addition, if we look closer at the new screenshot, we can see that some of the bushes have turned orange and the trees have lost their leaves. This confirms that Paralives will not only include weather patterns, but detailed seasons too that may affect gameplay.

Paralives will also take advantage of a realistic animation system which allows the hanging objects to move when it is windy, one of which is a swinging placard displaying a house number.

How will the stuff like the hanging ornaments and the house address placard I saw work?” – @JoshuaGib_son, Twitter

“Each lot has an address automatically assigned to it depending on its position on the street. You can choose to place an address placard where you want and it will display the address number of the lot. They will move if they are placed outside and it’s windy :)” – Alex Masse, Twitter

Festive new objects added as Paralives furniture catalogue continues to grow.

Before we wrap up this article, let’s take a look at some of the new objects and details seen in Paralives.

A rocking chair has been added which rocks in the wind. Spooky! The cushion comes with the chair as of now, but later may come the ability to accessorize chairs with any cushion..

Ornate decorative columns can be seen supporting the porch roof, of which is adorned with white trims. Below this, a raised foundation is accented with horizontal wooden slats. These are some of the finer details builders can look forward to in Paralives.

A variety of Halloween decor and pumpkins have been freely placed around the lot, not only hung on the ceiling but even on the stairs. These decorations, like many objects in the game, have been placed without restrictions, proving there are practically no limits to creativity in Paralives.

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