‘Paralives Studio’ Announced as Patreon Fund Skyrockets

A new video has appeared online that explains why Paralives chose to use Patreon for their funding.

In the new video that was recently posted on the official Paralives Youtube channel, fans of the upcoming game can now learn more about the team’s development strategy along with a brief history of the Paralives project.

Voiced by Paralives 3D Artist Léa Sorribès, the video reveals some new information about why the studio is relying on Patreon to create their dream simulation game, along with details about their long-term goals.

While the video does not explicitly highlight “Paralives Studio” as the new studio name, it is the first time it has been mentioned to the wider public, and it signals that the Paralives project is making rapid progress.

Paralives’ Patreon has grown to over $28,000 in monthly funding.

In the space of a few days, the Paralives Patreon fund has grown by approximately $19,000, and now sits at $28,000 per month.

It comes after the successful Parafolk reveal event which was premiered last week, where the highly anticipated design of the game’s characters was shown to the public for the first time. As a result, there was a surge of new members that joined the game’s Patreon in which supporters choose one of five new tiers to pledge.

The Paralives team is set to expand by 4 new developers.

Due to the recent success of Paralives, we expect to see 4 new developers join the team.

No set dates have been mentioned yet, but it can be assumed that the studio will be hiring in the upcoming weeks. The new roles will include two new programmers to help with the game’s core functionality, an additional 3D artist, and an animator.

Paralives has recently smashed 4 of their goals in less than a week.

Don’t be shy!

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  1. This is great news! I read somewhere that they hoped/wished/wanted to release by end of 2020, so maybe the new hires will help to speed things along. Also, imagine how much their Patreon page will grow when they show actual gameplay!

  2. Wow I didn’t doubt it one bit. The paralives game is going to be real big and I am so glad I am one of many to help contribute to that. I love the team and I love Maggie. Thank you paralives studio.

  3. I am so happy the support is growing, no doubt that this project deserves it. Though I am worried that it might attract bad attention, from a certain people that wants no competition in the genre. I hope everything will keep on going smoothly and we’ll see the release of the game without hiccups.

  4. I’m glad they’re getting recognition and the funding so they can make this game the best it can be. They seem like a fantastic team.

  5. I believe that the devs deserves a lot of support and even more than what we have given now. Alex and the team has shown passion for this game and also love for the community, but, i also think that the monthly funding will go down a little bit ( which i hope it doesn’t ) since a lot of people are hyped about Maggie’s reveal and also about the rewards that the Legend tier offers. I see potential in this game and i believe in the team and just showing how the team loves Life simulation games, makes it better because they can also relate to the community and have an idea of what we want to see in Paralives. I wish the team the best of luck and i am glad they are happy with what they have done so far.

  6. It’s a fantastic that a few days the Paralives Patreon fund has grown by approximately $19,000,! I am really happy per a command and I think that if they expect to see 4 new developers in the team – it is a great way to to the final development of Paralives))

  7. Congrats team! Looking forward to this game release whenever that may be. Take your time we are here waiting patiently ?

  8. I’m so so so happy, more patron you have, more member team you recruit, better the game will be and (I hope) faster we will have this wonderfull game in our hands. You, team, do such a wonderfull work. I’m always flabergasted by your videos which shows each time a new feature that we never seen in… The game whose name we should not say.

  9. This is what happens when you have great ideas and are passionate about making them true.

    Congrats to the team on reaching new patreon goals, here’s to many more in the future!

  10. I’m so insanely proud of the team’s growth in funding over the last week. They deserve it so much as they are working so hard to make Paralives the best game possible. Can’t wait to see what they can achieve with double the amount of people!!! Very excited for the future of the game. Love the team so much ❤️

    1. They deserve this, they are making such a great work, I’m really excited to see what they can achieve