Social media is on fire with an influx of new fans.

As we approach the fourth week since the announcement of the new indie life simulation game, Paralives, the YouTube and Twitter community has responded with overwhelming positivity.

The Paralives Hub previously reported a huge spike in traffic to the game’s Discord server caused by YouTube influencers, such as Pixelade, Fantayzia, and onlyabidoang.

As a result, the online buzz surrounding Paralives has exploded, and in less than a month, Paralives’ official Youtube channel has passed 14,000 subscribers.

Over 500,000 views from Influencers.

If we combined the total views from the current top 3 Paralives YouTube videos, we would have over 526,000 at the time of writing. Amazingly, this has happened over the course of only 3 days.

See our top 3 (by views) Youtube videos below:




Thank you, Influencers! 🙂



Founder of The Paralives Hub. John Paul is a huge fan of Paralives and other simulation games.

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