Paralives sparks multiple YouTube Influencer videos

Paralives attracts an influx of fans on social media

As we approach the fourth week since the announcement of the new indie life simulation game Paralives, the YouTube and Twitter community has responded with much excitement.

We previously reported a huge spike in traffic to the game’s official Discord server, which was caused by videos from various YouTube influencers, such as PixeladeFantayzia, and onlyabidoang.

As a result, the online buzz surrounding Paralives has exploded, and in less than a month, Paralives’ official Youtube channel has passed 14,000 subscribers.

Over 500,000 views from Influencers

After combining the total views from the current top 3 Paralives YouTube videos, we can report over 526,000 views over just 3 days. See the top 3 (by views) Youtube videos below:




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