• Functional bunk beds will be included in the base game of Paralives.
  • Any bed can be transformed into single, double, queen, king and bunk bed sizes.
  • Bed sizes will ‘snap into place’
  • Desks can be placed underneath bunk beds.

Bunk beds added to the game by request of Patrons.

According to a brand-new video released by the official Paralives YouTube channel, it is confirmed that bunk beds will be available in the base game.

In the video we can also see what appears to be a children’s décor theme, which includes a crescent moon shaped night light that shows off some impressive lighting effects, as well as a starry night sky wallpaper.

The bunk beds were added to the game in response to a Patreon-exclusive poll, which allowed Patrons to suggest which objects they would like to see added to Paralives, and bunk beds were the most requested object.

Any bed. Any size. Any Height. Alex shows off ingenious bed customisation.

Have you ever wished a certain bed came in a certain style? Well, In Paralives, it appears that any style of bed can be transformed into any size.

When stretching a bed, Alex confirmed that the bed can ‘snap into place’, which will act as a guide to help players design their bed.

What is incredible with this type of object resizing mechanic is that developers and custom content creators will need to create only one bed (mesh) per bed style. Essentially, one mesh can become 5 different beds. That means there is less work involved for CC creators, and less disk space required on your computer in exchange for a larger variety in the furniture catalogue.

In addition to this, each bed will also allow the player to customise the sheets and pillows, and possibly allow the addition of accessories similarly to how tablecloths work.

Desks, and other objects, may be placed under raised beds.

You may have noticed that bunk beds in Paralives will function as two separate objects; a raised bed with ladders attached to it can be manually placed above a regular bed.

This allows for even more freedom when designing a bedroom. We asked Alex if it will be possible to place other objects, such as desks, underneath a raised bunk bed.

“Yes, you can place anything that fits under the top bed including a desk and a perpendicular bed!” – Alex Masse, Paralives Official Discord

It looks like the development of Paralives is coming along well, and each week we see innovative new features added to the game. Ultimately, Alex is listening to his fans, and delivering an amazing looking game.



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