New video demonstrates robust object customisation.

Paralives’ developer Alex Masse has recently teased some new information to Patrons about the upcoming game’s “buy mode”, and today we can reveal the content to the rest of the community.

Before we get into the details, however, we’d like to drop a quote about the progress of the game in general:

I know a lot people are eager to hear about characters and gameplay. I started the game by focusing on build mode so that’s why I have a lot of things to show related to building and placing objects. Expect to see some nice gameplay after Parafolks have been revealed. Still working on them at the moment! – Alex Masse, Patreon

Flip it and reverse it?

Alex first speaks about the ability to flip some of the game’s objects. For example, you can choose whether the same computer desk will have a set of drawers on the left or the right.

When selected, some objects will have the option to be flipped. If a desk has a drawer on the left, you can flip it to switch it to the right. If a statue or a sign is pointing left, you can flip it to make it point to the right. Very useful for anything not symmetrical! – Alex Masse, Patreon

Create your own clutter with object stacking.

This is very exciting news for clutter fans; it seems that many objects can be stacked on top of each other. Want to place a stack of crates? No problem; stack as many as you like, either neatly or messily. How about a nice stack of plates on a kitchen cabinet? Simple, you can stack as many as you like, in any colour or pattern! Which brings us to the next feature…

Multiple Colour Swatches.

As you can see on the little toolbar in the screenshot above, you can change each color of an object individually. Clicking a color will open a color wheel and you will also be able to select colors from a premade list of nice swatches! This will be showcased in the future 🙂 – Alex Masse – Patreon

Unrestricted object resizing.

As we have mentioned previously, many objects will allow you to freely resize them to any size you want, such as windows. Alex has confirmed more objects that will be resizeable, including shelves, tables, desks, beds, couches, carpets and even televisions.

Customise different parts of an object.

This feature is, by far, the most innovative when it comes to object customisation. Ever liked a certain object but wish it had, for example, different handles or a different cupboard? Paralives has got your back. Here is Masse’s explanation of how objects can be totally transformed:

[Do] you really like this drawer except the handles? No problem! Some objects have the option to change smaller parts like curtain pole finials, drawer pulls, bed frames and sheets separately. – Alex Masse – Patreon

These features are a huge step forward for builders and players alike. With the innovative tools demonstrated today, it means the game can offer a huge amount of variety yet would not require hundreds of different models to do so. Instead, the player is given the tools they need to choose exactly how each furniture piece will look and function, and that’s magical.

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  • Bodil Bührmann says:

    This is huge, and ive just become a patron, but with such great ideers, there is also an obligation to be very smart, thinking on pattern your ideers. Your way of doing fx the funiture in the game shold be patterned and of course the name. So I hope you also have an advokat in you friendly community who can help you with that…..very important issure. I hope to able playing livesimulation games until i die…så keep up the very good work. I am also tiered of EA as so many others…så good speed to you Alex. You have my blessing!


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