Paralives Piano skill reveal

Paralives’ Piano-Playing Animations Will Improve as the Skill Increases

Paralives Studio released a new video today showcasing footage of Parafolks playing the piano. The video highlights how the piano skill is performed at three different levels; low, medium and high.

Source: Paralives Youtube

An interesting detail is how the animation of Parafolks playing the piano becomes more advanced as the skill level increases, along with the compositions sounding more professional.

[The animations] required a ton of work because each finger moves quite a lot and very fast! More piano animations could be added in the future.

Alex Masse – Paralives Patreon

Parafolks will be able to play recognisable classics, featuring examples such as Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy as performed and recorded for the game by a member of the Paralives team.

More genres of music are expected to be added in the future, and it has been confirmed that the developers have plans to create an electronic keyboard, a grand piano, and one other type of musical instrument before launch, with more expected in updates post release.

Speculation: Parafolks’ Got Talent

While the following features have not yet been confirmed, the devs are considering expanding on the music skill in the following ways:

  • Group music performance: Imagine Parafolks forming bands and playing together at venues
  • Singing during play: Parafolks may eventually have the ability to sing while playing the piano.
  • Music composition: Your Parafolks might one day be able to explore their creative side by composing their own original tracks.

This article is based on information sourced from the official Paralives Patreon page. As of now, Paralives is in active development, with a primary focus on creating new assets, gameplay and simulation. While no official release date has been announced, the game is expected to launch initially on Steam Early Access.

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