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Throughout the development process of Paralives, each month we will endeavour to stalk the devs gather interesting pieces of information from the devs’ social media pages in order to keep our readers in the loop. The devs regularly respond to all sorts of fan questions on Twitter, so, outside of major announcements, we will release monthly articles with a round-up of the most noteworthy Tweets.

Disclaimer: Paralives is still in early development and the plans may change.

Multiplayer not planned but not ruled out either.

Hair growth "not planned"

Schools to be rabbit holes, initially.

A game mascot is planned.

No nudity, thank goodness.

Parafolk will talk "gibberish"

Colour wheel for skin tones.

Variable weights confirmed.

Nail customisation a possibility.

Modding and CC tools confirmed.

Yup, Parafolks are being worked on.

Para Personalities.

Expansion Packs?

Paralives not expected in 2020.

Object snapping.

Price may be similar to other games in the genre.

Babies probably won't be objects.

To booze, or not to booze? Alcohol and bars are a "maybe"

That’s all for now, folks. More Tweets may be added to the top of this list as the month progresses.

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