Paralives: Devstalk March 2020

Stalking the developers! (from home)

First of all, we hope our readers are doing well during these difficult times. Paralives updates are coming in less frequently, but our favourite developers are now working from home and keeping safe!

Let’s take a look at this month’s notable Tweets from the Paralives team!

Remember! Some of these features are NOT CONFIRMED, but considered a possibility. Paralives is still in early development and plans may change.

  • Parafolk may be able to purchase additional clothing from stores
  • Devs would like “fun and detailed animations”
  • Hair won’t grow, but might have subtle animations”
  • Family trees & extended family
  • Apartment buildings considered for later
  • We may be able to choose natural, genetical hair colours
  • Make-up templates considered
  • Paralives will have a soundtrack
  • Hair will have more customisation than just colour

That’s all for now! Be sure to check out our February devstalk.

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  1. Wow I totally forgot about a soundtrack!! Now that it’s mentioned and confirmed I’m really excited!
    Even though I don’t think a soundtrack can break a game, it can definitelly make a game (better). I’m really curious of how it’s gonna sound, but hopefully it will be something really unique to the game that completely changes the feel of it!
    If I wasn’t excited before, I’m surely excited now xD