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February Devstalk is here! This month the Paralives team have been Tweeting about more exciting details about the Parafolk and the Paramaker.

Remember! Some of these features are not confirmed, but considered a possibility. Paralives is in early development and plans may change.

Alex releases new screenshot, which is the room featured in the Paramaker

Speculation: Paralives may have a roommates system

Religious and cultural objects will appear in Paralives, allowing for optional, fictional holidays.

Different climates may be configurable

Wheelchairs likely to come in an update later in the game's development.

Game difficulty settings are being considered

SNOW DEPTH! And calendars (considered)

Memory system "strongly considered"

Resizing objects will change the price

Planned feature: Saving existing outfits

Story Progression being considered

Parafolk autonomy confirmed

Shops & businesses in gameplay are being considered

Posterior design continues for Parafolks.

"Neighbourhood events" are being considered

Afro & cultural type hairstyles confirmed

Terrain painting to include different grass lengths

Paralives will have lots of cheats

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