Paralives: DevStalk April 2020

April is over: it’s time for another developer spotlight.

Or as we like to say here on the Hub: It’s time for April Devstalk! Each month, we stalk the Paralives team on Twitter we feature the most juicy and/or informative Tweets directly from the Paralives team!

Please remember, Paralives is still in very early development; some of these Tweets may be considered speculation. With that said, let’s get on with April Devstalk. YES!

Memories for Parafolk are CONFIRMED.

Hair movement? They’re working on it.

The iconic Paralives Doggo will likely get a makeover.

Multitasking is planned

Horse breeding “considered”.

Sports is planned

There could be a something like a ‘puberty event’ >_>

Roxane hints we are approaching the Parafolk reveal.

Roxane hints that in-game ladders will be more than just decoration.

Weight loss and weight gain will likely be a feature

User-configurable ‘personality disorders’ is under consideration. NOT YET CONFIRMED!

Paralives Developers intend to allow us to see the needs of ‘Para Pets’.

Yes, we will be able to lock Parafolks in basements. (We salute you, Roxane)

Mini FAQ from Roxane:

Minor illnesses will be a possible feature


A reminder that the devs plan to release a world creation tool 🙂

Grim Reaper? That’s so The Sims

Paralives is not The Sims 4, and that’s a good thing.

Beaches “should be in the base game”

Lea would like homeless shelters to be a feature. (Not confirmed)

Roxane clarifies how Paralives will approach DLC (Expansion Packs)

Next developer to join the team likely to be an animator and programmer

Alex responds to a question about the intention to make Parafolk responsive to others’ interactions and their environment.

Last but not least: 3D Artist Roxane gives some more insight into her involvement with developing Paralives.

Need more juicy Paralives development content? Check out this exclusive interview with Roxane, hosted by the lovely YouTuber SimmerErin

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  1. Glad to see our icon Doggo getting the attention he deserves, love these monthly updates!

  2. Awesome! I love the devstalks, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one.

    I’m very glad to hear they are considering orphanages and children’s shelters. But even if they don’t make it in, I still really hope to see a realistic adoption system in this game. I’m very excited that sports are confirmed for the base game, and that they’re thinking about beaches too.

    1. I’m happy you enjoy them! I aim to post one on the last day of each month. 🙂