Paralives development journey may 2023

Paralives Dev Journey: May 2023

The Paralives Development Roadmap has been buzzing with creativity recently, and today we’re going to talk about the highlights of May 2023. So, let’s dive into what’s been happening in the world of Paralives!

Fashion and Furnishings Galore

The team has been hard at work expanding Parafolks’ wardrobes with brand new clothing and accessories. Furthermore, they’ve also crafted new furniture pieces and objects for build mode. (INCLUDING CLUTTER!) We’re one step closer to designing the perfect Paralives world!

A selection of awesome new chairs. Source: Paralives Official Patreon

Animated Life

Paralives is all about bringing the virtual world to life, and the devs are making great strides in that department. The team is busy creating a variety of new live mode animations, injecting even more personality and charm into the Parafolks’ daily routines.

A cozy scene containing new bedroom furniture and a Parafolk stretching their sore arms. Source: Paralives Official Patreon

Autonomy and Group Interactions

Parafolks are being empowered with autonomy and meaningful interactions. The developers have created a system that allows Parafolks to autonomously find and utilize objects and furniture within their homes. Additionally, the team been working diligently on improving Parafolks’ needs, enabling them to lead fulfilling virtual lives. Moreover, progress has been made on group interactions, so Parafolks will be able to bond and enjoy shared activities together.

Maggie raiding the fridge. Source: Paralives Official Patreon
Two Parafolk enjoying a small studio featuring new chairs and framed wall art. Source: Paralives Official Patreon

Bills, Bills, Bills

Just like real life, it looks like our Parafolks can look forward to the thrilling experience of paying bills! End Sarcasm. Brace yourselves, as your Parafolks will face the responsibility of handling electricity bills and lot taxes. Keep a close eye on their wallets – frugality is a must!

The Paralives Soundtrack

Music sets the mood, and Paralives’ dedicated composer has been crafting new tracks specifically for the build mode and Paramaker, ensuring that every moment is accompanied by perfect harmonies.

A few samples of the early Paralives soundtrack from the official Paralives YouTube Channel.

Capturing life’s moments

Paralives recently added a photo mode feature to the game, allowing players to capture special moments in the lives of their Parafolks.

A group photo of Parafolk taken in Photo Mode. Source: Paralives Official Twitter

And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Para cravings – we’ve also seen a sneak peek at what elder characters will look like, as well as a heart-warming glimpse of babies and toddlers in Paralives. Prepare yourself for cuteness overload!

An early glimpse of old and young Parafolk. Source: Paralives Official Twitter

As per the official Paralives Development Roadmap, some awesome things are currently being worked on behind the scenes. They’re tinkering around with core systems like interactions, needs, and relationships, adding fresh new assets to the Paramaker (character creator), throwing in more character animations and fine-tuning the music direction. As we dive into the Summer of 2023, it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting time for Paralives!

Farewell for now, Froggies!

Source: Official Paralives Website

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