Paralives dev journey june 2023

Paralives Dev Journey: June 2023

Paralives, the upcoming indie life sim, has recently updated their monthly dev diary. Let’s take a look back over the last month of updates, including new information about pianos, relationships, new build/buy items, laundry and more!

Musical Instruments: Pianos

As progress continues on Live Mode animations, it was revealed that the devs have been working on gameplay features related to pianos, including the recording of piano audio tracks and creating animations for Parafolks playing the piano. No footage has been released yet.

Paralives Relationships

The devs are currently working on various gameplay systems relating to how relationships are developed and maintained between Parafolks. In addition, it was revealed that it is now possible to define existing relationships in the Paramaker. According to this information, we can assume it will be possible to create a new household with pre-established relationships in place.

New Furniture And Garden Items For Build/Buy Mode

In a recent Tweet, Paralives Studio released another sneak peak of a Patreon post showcasing more new items for build and buy mode, with a focus on foliage, and furniture pieces for lofts and lounges.

While it’s possible to customise each furniture piece using the colour wheel and pattern selector, the devs have chosen a lovely, soft colour palette for this recent preview, using neutral and pastel shades which imbues a delightfully cozy aesthetic.

It was also revealed that the artists over at Paralives Studio are working through an extensive list of plants and flowers for the game, and have released a selection of new screenshots depicting gardens and vegetation.

Laundry Confirmed for Paralives

It was also recently confirmed that washer/dryers are expected to be showcased in a future developer update. This means laundry is indeed expected to debut in the Paralives base game. Hooray!

There’s quite a bit we haven’t shown you, but that we might showcase next: washer/dryers, anyone?

Chloe – Paralives Patreon

Other Updates

Right now, Paralives is putting together a decent collection of different types of items for Buy Mode. The goal is to test out various animations and features related to Live Mode. More clutter items are also expected! Other updates include:

  • More clothing, accessories and furniture has been created
  • Improvements made to the billing feature that was mentioned in last month’s dev journey
  • Game optimization and performance improvements
  • More progress made to the Paralives soundtrack.
  • Various different types for Parafolks to sit and relax were added to the game

That’s all for now! What features are you most excited about? Be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment below (just scroll to the very bottom of this page), or better yet, share your opinion in our forum!

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  1. The more I read about the game, the more impatient I’m getting, ugh! It all sounds so good. I have been reading so much about Paralives and LBY that I’m starting to confuse the two games, lol.
    This is a very good read by the way. My compliments to the writer.