Over the last few weeks, thousands of eager Paralives fans have flocked to the official Discord server to share their ideas and ask questions about the work-in-progress life simulation game.

And Alex Masse, the indie developer who is behind the game, has not disappointed us with the details so far.

The Paralives Hub has selected some of the juiciest gossip for builders & decorators, so let’s get started!

Color wheels and "create-a-style"

Zerbu: “Will there be full Create a Style with patterns or is it just colours?”
Alex Masse: “Yes, you can change patterns and textures.”
Alex Masse: “For objects, clothes, hair and skin tones, there will be presets to make it easier but also a full color wheel for advanced customization.”

JoelP: “Will color and texture customization be available in both character customization and build mode or only in build mode?”
Alex Masse: “It will be available in both the character creator and in build mode.”

Many objects will be resizeable

When asked how objects resizing works, Alex revealed the following:

“[Resizing objects] will be similar to resizing windows (if you saw the gif). Resizing a couch will gradually increase/decrease the number of cushions, for example.”

“At the moment you can change the rod on a curtain. I’d like to apply that system to kitchen counter handles, etc!”

“My goal is to be able to resize beds like windows!”- Alex Masse, Paralives Discord

From this information we can assume that many objects will be highly customizable and interchangeable, rather than being restricted to a few different presets.

You can place windows on curved walls

fcowplant: “Can you also place windows [on] curved walls?”
Alex Masse: “Yes, if the curve is not too intense! The window mesh will curve to fit the curve of the wall. Unless it’s a very steep curve in which case you won’t be able to place it.” Alex Masse – Paralives Discord

You can place your own lots

Devil: “so are lots predetermined or [can you] place a house where you want?”
Alex Masse: “There are lots but you can create new ones and choose the size.”

From this information we can assume that the worlds will allow customization, where players can place lots of various sizes in the game world.

Multiple towns to play and build in

Finally, Alex also briefly talked about neighbourhoods and the open world:

“Paralives will have different little towns to play in (Most likely one at release and more to come after). Each town will contain many lots for homes as well as parks, shops and venues.
Also, yes, open world means there’s no loading screen if you want to visit another building.” – Alex Masse, Paralives Discord

With many advanced customization tools discussed so far, it looks like Paralives is set to impress.

We also note that the developer has been very transparent with the current pre-alpha state of the game. Considering it is so early in development, we can only applaud Paralives for offering next-generation build features that, until now, seemed not possible in a life simulation game.

Is Paralives set to change life simulation forever? Only time will tell.



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