Paralives Character Reveal Coming Soon?

Stunning new video shows a Parafolk’s shadow in the biggest character-reveal tease yet.

Ever since Paralives was announced back in July 2019, fans of the upcoming life simulation game have been eagerly waiting to see what the characters will look like, officially known as Parafolk. Many have even took to Twitter, stating that while the game looks good, they “can’t be fully invested until the Parafolks are revealed”.

However, the wait could finally be over soon. In what might be the biggest Paralives teaser ever, the team has released a stunning new teaser video that clearly shows the full-body shadow of one of the game’s pre-made Parafolk named Maggie.

Which leads to the question: Are the developers getting ready to reveal the characters?

How many hints to Astronomy can you spot in the new footage?

Apart from the regular-sized telescope, which is so lovely to see after being force-fed ridiculously large objects in other games; it would appear there is also a healthy selection of space-themed décor. Could this mean that the team is working on hobby and/or career related gameplay activities? Once I’d calmed down after my initial freak-out at seeing the silhouette of a Parafolk, I took a moment to inspect the screenshot and noticed some cool little details:

  • There’s a bra hanging over the railing on the second floor.

No, really!

  • There are roller skates hung up on the wall.
  • There’s a bicycle under the stairs.
  • There’s a cat gym (thing?) Near the patio door.
  • The sloped roof is also a window/sky light. YES!
  • Curtains/drapes gently blowing in the wind.

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  1. I was just looking through the news segment and when I saw that you wrote there is a bra on the railing I thought “Cute joke” then I saw there really was a bra there! It got a few chuckles out of me. 😛

  2. I just came back to this video and there are 2 things that stood out to me, that I didn’t notice before.
    Firstly the haning chair outside on the porch/balcony(?). How could I not notice it before and also miss that it’s SWAYING IN THE WIND! I don’t know how much of what we see in these kinds of videos – like as in the sims trailers they have a little “warning” saying not everything what you see is gameplay, if you know what I’m talking about – but little details like outdoor furniture or decoration swaying in the wind.
    (that also makes me think about how the curtains move with the wind because the doors are opened. Hopefully we’ll be able to leave doors and windows open, that would be so cool.)
    And second, the little sitting nook on the between landing (don’t know what it’s called) of the stairs. I love how we’ll be able to have split levels and how much that could add to our builds.
    Little (and big) things like this make me so excited for the game!

  3. I enjoy simulation games and the art and customization seems amazing in this game. Looking forward to seeing the final version!