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On Friday August 2nd, Paralives’ creator, Alex Masse, hosted a special “Ask me Anything” event. (AMA)

The event, which took place on Patreon and lasted 7 hours, gave fans an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming game, many of which were answered.

As a result, there are now over 300 comments on the AMA. We have narrowed them down and highlighted the most interesting pieces of information for you below:


Will there be an early Beta access to Paralives?

The game might have a beta version for patrons! The time frame for that and for the initial release are still to be decided 🙂

When is the Paralives release date?

I would like to release at the end of 2020 but it’s probably going to be later than that due to the size of the project.

I can’t confirm the timeline right now as it’s an ambitious project and I’m still working on building the team. But the goal is to have a base version of the game as soon as possible and update it after with more and more content

Have you found more developers to help on this project?

I’m still having discussions with some of my contacts from Montreal that I’ve worked with in the past. When someone joins the team, I will make an announcement 🙂

Will Paralives have any Expansion Packs?

The focus is on the initial release at the moment.

After release, new content and features will come in free updates.

There might be some expansion packs but it won’t be the main focus.

Can you give us an approximate date for the character reveal? How will they look?

The characters will be revealed in an announcement trailer for the game in the coming months!

The characters will fit the style of the game so they won’t be ultra realistic but they will still have many details to customize 🙂 I would have liked to make the game really realistic but it’s a huge task for a small team.

Patrons “might” get an early sneak peak for characters and/or other stuff!

What life stages/ages do you want to include for the Paras?

This will be announced in the future but the goal is to make sure every life stage is fun and interesting.

How long did it take you to put together the current build of the game?
About 500 hours 🙂
Will we be able to choose the pronouns and sexual orientation of our Paras?
I’m really interested in adding sexual orientation and pronouns in the character creator! Yes, your character can be trans or non binary 🙂
My ultimate goal is to be able to create characters of any sexual identity!
Will Paras have jobs? Active careers or rabbit hole careers?
Yes, there will be jobs! Active careers are a lot of work and might come after the initial release. Most likely a mixture.
Will there be pre-created characters in the town with backstories?
There will be other characters in the town, each with their own life and personality 🙂
What’s the general plan in terms of music?
I plan on commissioning 1 or multiple people to make a soundtrack 🙂
Will there be “Story Progression” in Paralives?
I aim for NPCs to be able to get promotions, have kids, find partners, etc 🙂
Are the graphics due to change or improve?
The style of the game will not change but graphics and ambience are still being improved 🙂
Will we be getting any type of interactive schooling? Like university?
That’s something that might come eventually!
Will there be set plots on a map or will we be able to build anywhere/place our own plots? What about Create-a-World?
There will be lots on the map but you will be able to edit them and add new ones!
Yes, a tool to create your own worlds is planned in an update after release! When the tool to create worlds is available, you will be able to share worlds on Steam Workshop
Would you be able to add L and U-shaped stairs?
Yes, there will be L and U stairs!
Will Disabilities be in Paralives?
Hi! I know disabilities, wheelchairs, etc, are often requested. I think it’s important for everyone to be able to recreate themselves in the game so I’m considering it 🙂
Will there be ghosts in Paralives?
Ghosts are not planned for the initial release but might come later in an update!
Can we build attic rooms and color ceilings?
Yes, you can color ceilings! I’m still experimenting with attics 🙂
Will seasons affect the parafolks and will holidays be included in Paralives?
Yes, season will have an impact on the gameplay and characters! I’d like to include holidays and festivals in the future!
What language will the Parafolk speak?
At the moment, the plan is have small sounds and mumbles for character voices, a bit like in Animal Crossing. But that could still change.

Source – Patreon


So there you have it, Parafolks! Was your question answered? Don’t forget, the game is still in early development, so not all questions can have very detailed answers yet. However, there will be more community events like this to look forward to in the future!




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