Paralives Announces Game Rating

Paralives aims for “Teen” rating

The upcoming life simulation game, Paralives, has recently announced that the game is aiming for a “Teen” rating.

Paralives aims for a Teen rating. It will not contain mature themes such as drugs, murder, sexual violence, pornography, gore, etc. Also, the game will not contain religions.

Official Paralives FAQ

The announcement comes after many fans requested that the game should contain mature features such as drug addiction and violence, however these themes have been confirmed to never be a part of Paralives.

What about mods?

It was confirmed, however, that Paralives will include extensive mod and custom content support, which is no surprise since the game is being built on the Unity engine. We also know that the game will be available on Steam and will support Steam Workshop. Adding a mod to your game will be as easy as clicking a subscribe button. Additionally, any mod that is installed should be able to take advantage of the auto-update feature. Neat!

So, for those hoping for a more mature game, all hope is not lost. With such a huge modding community in the life simulation genre, who knows what we’ll see in the future for Paralives?

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  1. I thought that it would be a good idea to add a ‘pg mode’ setting where you can switch on and off sexual content and choose the extent. I’m a teenager and my parents still don’t allow me to have games that have much more than kissing and I figured this would increase the number of interested buyers.