Paralives Teases New Bathroom Items

Paralives Adds Splash of Elegance With New Modern Bathroom

The indie developer studio behind the highly anticipated life simulation game, Paralives has recently given a sneak peek of their latest build mode addition, featuring an elegant black and white corner bathroom space, as they continue to enhance the game’s development.

A contemporary corner bathroom area. Credit: Paralives Official Twitter Page

Let’s delve deeper into some of the more intricate details that may have escaped your attention.

Curves And Raised Platforms for Added Dimension

One of my favourite features in the screenshot is the use of raised platforms within the bathroom area. These elevated surfaces do an excellent job at effectively adding depth and dimension to the design.

Players will enjoy the freedom to arrange an array of bathroom fixtures, accessories, and delightful clutter on these platforms, including freestanding bathtubs, cozy bath mats, comfy slippers, and charming decorative plants. These options allow for a truly personalized and immersive environment where Parafolk can feel right at home.

Layered Protruding Wall Tiles

Take a closer look at those wall tiles! These layered protruding tiles add texture and visual interest, becoming a standout feature in the bathroom. With this clever detail, players can create a dynamic contrast of light and shadow, elevating the bathroom’s ambiance and inspiring creative decorating possibilities.

Layered protruding wall tiles as seen in Paralives.

Paralives has always been celebrated for its amazing customization options, giving players the freedom to build and design their dream homes. And now, with the addition of more bathroom items and clutter, players can expect to have even more options to create stunning living spaces.

Paralives is steadily advancing in its development, with plans to release the game through Steam Early Access. However, no specific date has been disclosed for its release at this time.

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