Official Paralives Logo Revealed

The Paralives Brand

In an important step towards creating a recognisable brand for Paralives, the indie studio has recently revealed the official logo for the upcoming game. The new logo now sits proudly on a banner on the official website, as well as 2 alternative colour versions as shown below.

Paralives logo variants from

It is not yet clear how the different coloured variants of the logo will be used in the game or in related media, however the colours chosen may remind one of the sky during sunrise or sunset, which is quite a nice mood for what we have seen of the game so far.

If you would like to learn more about the journey the team took to arrive at this final logo design, then why not consider supporting the game via the game’s Patreon? Patrons will receive bonus articles directly from Paralives Studio.

What do you think of the new logo?

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  1. I think that paralives are doing an amazing job of representing everyone already and as this is only the base game they providing a lot more than other simulation games out there and is definitely one of the best so far and it has not been released.

  2. I would like it more when „Lives” were in the house too. The square logo is more interesting and minimalistic I think. And takes smaller space! :3