Toilet paper customisation is a thing.

Hold on to your toilet seats everyone: the official Paralives Youtube channel released a new video that shows off even more of the game’s fine attention to detail in the form of toilet paper. No bathroom gameplay mechanics were revealed yet but Alex confirmed players may be able to customise the colour and pattern of toilet paper in the future, as well as the direction it is hung.

And can we just say how fancy that toilet paper holder is?

Ever since toilet paper came into existence, humans have debated how it should be hung; “over the fold” seems to be the correct answer according to a Paralives Hub Twitter poll, however many cat owners can sympathise with the minority who prefer to hang it the “incorrect” way. 😀

Alex Masse has interviewed two 3D artists.

In the year since the game started development, Alex Masse has created Paralives by himself. After a recent job post went live, Masse has interviewed two talented 3D artists as part of a search for the perfect development team. The search is taking place in Montreal, and the successful candidate will help design the Parafolks, as well as many other artistic elements for the game.

A life simulation game is a huge undertaking for a single developer, but we are seeing great progress so far, and the expansion of the development team is made possible by the financial support received from Patrons.

Patrons vote for second community requested object.

And finally, last month Patreon supporters voted to add bunk beds to the game via a poll, and Masse exceeded expectations when he designed them. We can’t reveal specific options regarding the next poll, but there certainly will be a second object added to the game by the request of patrons.

It is exciting to see that Paralives is honouring its promise of involving the community in its development, and it looks like we can expect more fan-requested features and objects added to the game in the future.

If you would like to help shape the future of Paralives, then please consider becoming a patron if you are able to do so! Click here to join.



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