New Teaser Reveals The Name Customization Feature in Paralives

The latest video of Paralives showcases all the different ways you will be able to name, or not name, your Parafolk! We’ll soon be able to choose to give our Parafolk a middle name or, if you prefer, have the last name go first.

The feature that had most of the fans swooning was the reveal of the ability to give nicknames to the Parafolk. Will your Para have a nickname? You will soon be able to make it official and give them their nickname! Do you want your Para to be nameless? You will be able to do that too, by disabling the options for first and last names. This video also showed us, “Vaughan” is the official last name of our first Para, Maggie!

Parafolk name randomization

The ability to randomize names is among the features to be added to the game. Being able to give the Parafolk titles and stage names is on the list of features being considered for addition. One thing I noticed was missing from the name customization is the ability to give two last names in different text fields. We will not be able to add another text field for a second last name, it would be great if we could, however it is possible to add more than one last name by simply leaving a space in between.

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