Restaurants in the base game

The official Paralives Twitter today released a beautiful new screenshot showcasing the exterior of what appears to be an Italian bistro, as well as a dog wearing a party hat.

What is particularly interesting about this screenshot is how Paralives is being very transparent about the types of content that will be included in the base game. We can now confirm that restaurants will be available, as well as the ability to add cute accesories to our pets!

Click the screenshot below to see a high resolution version.

Upon closer inspection, we can see text on the windows and signs, so it also appears players will have the ability to write custom messages on some objects, though this is only speculation at this point.

Speculation: Food festivals?

We couldn’t help but notice the “pasta festival” message on the forecourt stand. What could this mean for gameplay? It could mean there are events or festivals for the Parafolk to participate in, or another possibility is an advertising mechanic for in-game businesses.

Or maybe it’s just decoration? Whatever the purpose of the sign is, it is cool that we may be able to write our own messages for storytelling purposes. We will be sure to clarify these details as we learn more about the game.

However, we can confirm that there will be various types of community lots coming to Paralives, including parks, shops & other venues.

Paralives will have different little towns to play in (Most likely one at release and more to come after). Each town will contain many lots for homes as well as parks, shops and venues –Alex Masse, Paralives Discord

From what we have seen so far, the game is looking visually stunning. We’re excited to see how the characters interact with this vibrant world, and in the coming months, we should be seeing a trailer with a character reveal. 🙂

Until next time, Parafolks!



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