Paralives Wardrobe Update

Mix and Match Your Own Paralives Outfits

The indie studio behind the highly anticipated life simulation game, Paralives, has recently released a selection of new screenshots showing off a range of stylish outfits and accessories that will be available in the game’s character creator, known as the ‘Paramaker’.

A range of new outfits for your Parafolk have been recently showcased. Source: Paralives Official Twitter

Mix and match it: The Paralives Clothing Layering Feature

In the following preview you will find a diverse group of Parafolks proudly modelling their new outfits. Take note of some of the new poses that we haven’t seen yet! The devs have confirmed that many of these outfits were put together using the game’s outfit layering system. This feature, along with the colour wheel and pattern selector will provide the player with a significant amount of creative freedom to mix and match their own unique outfits.

So Chic: Dress To Impress In Paralives

This screenshot showcases formal outfits on an adult and child Parafolk, displaying the flexibility of interchangeable garments using the layering system. The characters demonstrate how the same shirt can be worn differently, with one donning a bow tie and waistcoat and the other opting for a classic tie with a jacket and vest combo.

Marvin and Eli wearing formal attire. Source: Paralives Official Patreon.

Furthermore, when Marvin’s hat is removed, a fresh new haircut is revealed, which is just one of the many new hairstyles available in the Paramaker. Additionally, we get a closer look at his jewellery. And can we just take a moment to talk about this pose? He’s cute and he knows it. Stunning.

Marvin workin’ it. Source: Paralives Patreon

The next photo shows an elder Parafolk wearing a cute pink jacket layered over a cream v-collar shirt. Each garment can be customised using the colour wheel and pattern tool.

Source: Official Paralives Patreon

Dressing Down: New Casual Items Added

Let’s move our attention to a familiar faced Parafolk, Maggie, who is wearing a new round collar shirt and a pink baseball cap. Take a look how the shirt can either be tucked in or tucked out, which is another unique customisation feature of the Paramaker.

paralives maggie casual outfit
Maggie looking extra cute. Source: Paralives Patreon

Here we have a more relaxed look featuring the same baseball cap, but this time in a dark grey tone, worn backwards. This Parafolk is also rocking a new yellow checked shirt, worn open like a jacket. Classic black framed spectacles complete the look.

Paralives baseball cap yellow check shirt
Source: Paralives Patreon

And lastly, we have Sebastian, looking very swish, sporting a timeless black leather jacket layered over a new long-sleeved purple shirt. This outfit is another example of the layering system in Paralives.

paralives sebastian leather jacket purple shirt outfit
Source: Paralives Patreon

Paralives promises an extensive character creator that will offer so many way to customise your Parafolks and their outfits, thanks to its remarkable features including clothing layering, shirt untucking, colour wheels, and custom pattern tools. While Paralives is still currently under development without an announced release date yet, players can expect an early access period at some point in the future.

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  1. I’m so happy with this customization! With so many options, I probably won’t need to download a lot of stuff from other creators. Thanks for posting!