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  • Hi there!
    Just finished signing up few hours a go. I tried to reply in the forum yet it seems that this account is not recognized as signed in. The login panel keep showing and there’s line saying only member can reply.

    First, I tried to logout and clear cache. Then I also tried opening this website from other browser. Both approach it…Read More

  • gamedomino posted a new activity comment

    This is a great explanation, I wonder how it would work on clothing, perhaps the same way it would with furniture. Thank you @jp : P!
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    • I agree with JP. There’s also seamless textures out there, so I’m thinking we’re gonna have a lot of flexibility.

  • @jp I’m having issues with logging into the Hub? If I switch pages enough I can get into my account for a short while but then I’m kicked right out again shortly after. I’ve also noticed the whole site’s been a bit quiet over the last day or so though I’m not sure if the issues within the site or if it’s on my side. Sorry!
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    • Hello, thanks for letting me know ^-^ What is your Discord name and I will investigate this further with you. The site is quite new so there might be some bugs I need to fix. 🙂

  • JP started the topic How to use the forum in the forum Announcements

    This post will be updated from time to time to help our members gain the best experience from using our forum.

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    ‘Loving’ posts and giving feedback

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  • Hi everyone on the forums! I am the creator of Parabook and would love to share the volume 2 link instructions with everyone! Please read the instructions carefully to attain edit access. This is to remove the possibility of “griefers”. Some people are DMing me on Discord saying the mobile app won’t work, please be aware, thanks @JP for sticking…Read More
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