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  • It’s great, don’t worry! I really like the idea of the hexagonal neighbourhoods. If possible, it would be cool if none of the neighbourhoods were locked for DLC, since not everyone would own them. Instead, what if you could choose a hex when you buy the DLC, and place the neighbourhood there?
  • Jinxin replied to the topic Parafolk Walk Styles in the forum Characters

    I think we need differing walk styles to give the paras character, but I don’t think they should be as over-exaggerated as they are in the sims. There could be default walk styles, and variations based off of different factors.
    For example, what if there was a posture system/option? So either you can choose a characters posture, or you can have…Read More
  • I’d love the ability to have an interactive school in the way you’ve described. Something as in depth as this almost feels like an extra game inside of paralives, which is ambitious, but perfect for a mod or expansion in the future!
    By the way, I love the artwork.
  • I agree with Fern and Amandac. I like different walk styles, but I don’t like the ones from TS4. They should be more subtle. Also the walk styles should not be permanent. The way a Para walks should depend on their mood and/or physical condition at that moment or a period of time. It is strange to have a Para who always walks perky or always sleepy.
  • Thanks for the poll!. I voted both. And I like that both landline and cell phones need to be purchased. Either in buy mode or at a store. I don’t like how in Sims 4 everyone automatically has a phone in their inventory. It is not realistic. And sometimes a cell phone does not match the life style of the character you have made and you cant get rid…Read More
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