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  • That would be pretty cool. Although if it was a handwritten letter, the para would probably be able to tell who wrote it to them just based on handwriting even if the para didn’t sign their name. But I do like the idea of being able to send nice/angry anonymous letters to paras.

  • What if parafolks had the option to send letters to other paras they know? They could simply have the option “Write letter to (para)” when clicking on a mailbox, and there could be different kinds of letters like nice letters, love letters, or a letter intended to make a para upset. Then depending on the contents of the letter, paras would either…Read More
  • Perhaps it’d be best to keep it simple after all. If a para is holding an umbrella, they’d be more likely to get struck, but it wouldn’t electrocute them. I imagine the experience would be very startling though and make them tense for a while; or if the paras have fears, they may develop a fear of storms because of their experience of being struck…Read More
  • I love all these ideas! But I think if the umbrella were struck by lightning, it would probably hurt the para too since they’re the one holding the umbrella. Otherwise people may abuse the system of their paras being practically invincible in the stormy weather because they have lots of umbrellas.
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