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  • Yes, we have discussed differences between Paras in other posts and I think many of us would like to see it in the game. It will make the game more realistic and it will be always a surprise to see how your Para will react to different situations.
  • I agree. The interaction that toddlers could have with each other and kids could have with adults was more elaborate in the sims 2. Hopefully there will be details in Paralives as well. It is the little things that make a game more realistic. We already know that babies will not be objects. That already is a great feature.
  • I love that idea. I would like to see careers that you could also practice from in the home. Like bed and break fast owner, farmer, animal breeder, owner of a homeless shelter. The possibilities are endless if it would be possible to make a career out of any object or activity possible around the home.
  • There have been so many great ideas. I hope this was not mentioned before.

    I would like to see different types of contests for Paras to participate in. A few examples:

    -Radio and television contests: When your Para is listening to the radio or watching tv a dialogue box could randomly pop up with a contest. It could be a trivia that you have to…Read More

  • Great that you are excited for the game. The more support Alex and his team could get, the better. And no, it will be not multiplayer. But we will be able to use Steam Workshop to share creations 🙂
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