Loungin around Paralives style

Loungin’ Around: PARALIVES Style!

Parafolk Have Mastered The Art of Relaxation.

One aspect that I’ve always yearned for in life simulation games is the ability for characters to sit and unwind on the sofa in a manner that more closely resembles actual human behavior. I’ve often found the rigid upright posture of sofa procrastination in these types of games to be somewhat robotic. Fortunately, Paralives promises to fullfil my long-standing wish, offering a more natural and human-like sitting experience, and I LOVE this.

Parafolk in Paralives will have many way to lounge around. Source: Official Paralives Twitter Page

A Sneak Peek into Cozy Interactions

The official Paralives Twitter account recently shared an intriguing screenshot, offering a glimpse into some natural looking relaxation poses that await our Parafolk.

The screenshot showcases characters engaging in various relatable poses as they relax on sofas and floors. This exciting development signals a step towards creating a more immersive and realistic simulation.

While detailed information about the gameplay aspects are still scarce, the scene depicted suggests that Parafolk will not only lounge around but potentially have the opportunity to interact and chat with each other in these poses, fostering a sense of socialization and connection. This however is just speculation on my part.

Currently, there are five different ways for Parafolk to relax, and as the game’s live mode continues to be developed, we hope to see the addition of even more options that further enhance a more human-like experience. What would you like to see? Personally, I would love to see some classy bitches sitting with one leg crossed over the other, preferably in designer heels and a cocktail dress, but that’s just me.

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  1. I hope this means it will be easier to pose our paras for photos! I love decorating with family photos, especially wedding photos.