Title: Incomparable Lives, a laptop and a mug sit on a computer desk.

IncomPARAble LIVES: Ep 2 – The Best Laid Plans of Paras

Incomparable Lives is a fanart creation by Alice Drake and is not affiliated with Paralives Inc. Maggie imagines herself with different hair colors and says, "Strawberry blond? That would wash out my skin for sure. Redhead? No, I can't handle the reputation. Teal? Maybe?" Maggie stands in front of her computer desk. "No, this is silly. I can do better. There's gotta be something coming up I can prep for." Maggie opens a NASA article saying there is a cargo resupply launch on December 5th. Maggie says, "Now this is what I'm talking about! Step 1: set up telescope and camera to capture ISS station during docking. Step 2: post awesome picture to InstaShare. Step 3: profit." Many calculations later. "No! It's going to be visible in London, but not here? If only I were spending the holidays with the family this year. Stupid pandemic ruins everything."

This has been a fan-art creation by Alice Drake, the second in a series depicting the fictional life of Maggie, the first Para, as she copes with modern life. As ParaLives develops, so will the story.

Maggie and other ParaLives characters are © ParaLives.Inc.

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