IncomPARAble LIVES: Ep 1 – Stuck

Comic Title: IncomPARAble LIVES.
Panel 1: morning sunlight falls on the floor, with Maggie's shadow drinking coffee. "Oh, coffee..."
Panel 2: Maggie takes a sip. "Sometimes I think you're the only reason I get up in the morning."
Panel 3: A bicycle leans against the wall next to a door. "Another Saturday in lockdown. I could go for a ride, I guess. It's just so early the sun will be in my eyes."
Panel 4: A computer desk with two monitors, a laptop, and coffee cups. "Or I could edit my paper, but I really shouldn't be working on my day off."
Panel 5: A coffee table on an oriental rug. A toy mouse sits beside it. "And of course, Youri has run off. Again. I know he'll be back, but..."
Panel 6: Maggie stands in front of her window looking bored."I just feel so stuck. I need to shake things up a bit. I wonder how I would look with purple hair."
Thought Bubble: Maggie with purple hair.

This has been a fan-art creation by Alice Drake, the first in a series depicting the fictional life of Maggie, the first Para, as she copes with modern life. As ParaLives develops, so will the story. Hopefully this will even be a regular thing.

Maggie, Youri, and other ParaLives characters are © ParaLives.Inc.

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